Derrick Turner

THE funeral service for the late Derrick Turner, aged 84, was held on Monday, September 19, at St James’ Church, Louth.

The service was conducted by the Rev Canon Stephen Holdaway.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Ltd, Louth.

Family members: Gillian Turner, wife; Richard and Sara Turner, son and daughter-in-law; Jonathan Turner, son and Shirley Bates, daughter-in-law; Georgie Turner, granddaughter; Eve Turner, granddaughter; Millie Turner, granddaughter; Max Turner, grandson; Byron and Hilary Cook, brother-in-law and sister, also rep Sarah, Toby and family, and Beverley and Michael and family; Graham and Sandy Dalton, nephew; Jack and Jean Howden, brother-in-law and sister; Dennise Howden, niece; Adrian Miles, nephew, also rep Louise Miles, niece; Donald Miles, brother-in-law, also rep Jane Paynter, sister-in-law and family; Mel Rushton; Arthur and Anne Platts.

Other mourners: Ted Miller; Peter Mountain; Sylvia Foster; Brian and Maureen Fox; John and Vicki Cooper; Richard Bennett, also rep June, Joe and Ross Bennett; Norman and Mary Abell; Paula Hunt, also rep Nicola Roberts; Garry Skill, also rep Jeanette Skill; Beryl Hunt; Richard Parker; Allison Parker, also rep David and Edward Parker; John and Maureen Lill, also rep P Molloy; Jim and Shirley Palmer; John Brader; June Barber, rep The Friends of St James; Roy Barber, also rep Pat and Malcolm Neal; Joyce Utley; Michael and Sandra Harness; Peter Rogers;

James Needley; John Emberson, also rep Tony and Sadie Bratley; Rosemary Huke; Richard and Margaret Rastall; Maurice Blakey; M Covey, also rep S Teanby and Miss L Jones; Geoff Bailey, also rep Fred Butt; Richard and Ann Sandy; J Oakes; M Harness; Michael and Elizabeth Buttler, also rep Ken and Shirley Williams; David Stanbridge, also rep Patricia Stanbridge; Kevin and Carol Larkins, also rep Weaver Wroot; Ron Bontoft; Martin Stocks; Bill and Joyce Radcliffe; Shirley Strickland, also rep John; Derek Hewett; Norman Larder; Bryan Utteridge; Edwin Sharp, rep Cellars Golf Society; Philip Day, also rep Wilkin Chapman; Andy Harness; Rob Cooper; Jeff Kettle; George Vickers, also rep Shirley Vickers; Jim Clark; R and A Tear, also rep D Tear; Margaret Needham, also rep John and Rick Needham; Christopher Rolph; Marie Taylor; Roy and Jill Done; Eric Sharpe, rep Kenwick Park Golf Club; Paul Wiles; John and Jane Dickinson; Jim Luck, also rep Julie Luck and Luck of Louth; Margaret Ottaway, rep Ottaway family; Harry Lingard, also rep Doss and Bryan; Harry and Gwenda Burgin; Ken Drinkel, also rep Richard and Thomas; Peter Coupland; Beryl Johnson;

Harry Speck; John and Pat Wolley; Dorothy Selfe, rep Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society; Lesley Smith, also rep Pauline May; Mick Spendlow; Philip and Ann Byrne; Geoff Allison; Graham Metcalf; Teresa Doe; Gerard Brierley; Gus and Tuff Robertson; Charles and Julia Baron; S and M Chattington, also rep Geoff Knight; Patrick and Judy Purves, also rep Roger Bygott; David and June Sandwith; E and P Walmsley; Trevor Moody, also rep Janet Moody and Simon and Claire (manager of Golf Club Louth); Sandie Loveday; Jean Shucksmith; Bob Trafford, also rep Carol Speed; Margaret Limb, also rep Meg and Nigel Limb; Deborah Hunt; Martin Chatterton; Caroline Benson; Phil Fieldsend, also rep Sue Fieldsend; R and E Fenner, also rep Frank Fenner; S Archer, also rep P King; Arthur Farrow; David Williams, also rep Margaret Williams and Sheila Green; Tim Elliott; Gordon Cockerill; Clive Damms; Pamela Ledger;

Dorothy Mack; Desmond Lisk; Geoff Baker, also rep Olga Baker; L Norton; Tom Kirby; John and Grace Barker, also rep Brian and Elizabeth Gutherson; Carol Henderson; Pam Holborn; Janet Welch; John and Maureen Vertigan; Derek and Ann Adlam; Kevin Best; George Chester; Ron and Jean Marwood, also rep Paul Marwood and Dennis Marwood; Alan Parkin; Sheila Evans; Russ Harrison; Sam Scaman; Eric Pigdon, rep Louth Bowling Club; Keith Barker; Ken Dannatt, also rep Joyce, Paula and Ian; David Schafer; David Laking, also rep Janet Laking; Adrian Limb, also rep Lorraine Limb and Steve and Melanie Hewitt; Frances Atherton, also rep John; Jack Sykes;

Trevor Milburn; Brian Wood, also rep Joan Wood; Mike and Jessica Banks; Charlie and Sara Hickman, also rep Mark and Jane Pocklington; Paul and Gillian Clifford, also rep Eleanor Clifford; Brenda Laughton; Sarah Allinson; R and M Haynes, rep Inner Wheel Club; Hugh Poths, also rep Shirley Poths; Rob and Judy Carr; Richard and Janet Aulott; Brian Castle, also rep Mrs Pat Castle; Fred Weir; Geoff Allinson, rep Allinson Print; Cedric Blackbourne, also rep Vera; John Helton Jeva; John Vickers; Frank and Joan Meechan; David and Ruby Montgomery; Peter and Marjorie Maddison; Ray Kemp; Don Buick, also rep Bridget Buick; Vera Brown; Paul and Anne Brackenbury; Keith Bailey; Nyria Bailey, also Sara Morris, trustees of Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society; Harold and Joyce Gibson, also rep Gill and Terry Hardy; Steve Bailey;

Simon Hallion; Dr Peter and Jean Sykes; Joan Welch; D Smith, also rep Ann; G and P Burley; David Bryant, also rep Bev; George Mason; Sam Hicks, rep Bowls Club; Alan Stocks, also rep Marianne Stocks; Mr and Mrs Evans; B Norton, also rep Mrs D Carter; Christine Jones, also rep the late Keith Jones; Patrick Hagan; Julie Barton; John Cook, also rep Joan Cook; Paul Haigh; Allan Dunning, also rep Helen and William; Ken and Jean Patience, also rep Brian and Brenda Batchelor; Michael Chevins, secretary of Rotary Club of Louth, also rep Carol Chevins, and Sharman Haigh; Joan Kirby; K McCreath.