Diamond jubilee party at Utterby Primary School

Utterby School
Utterby School

A DIAMOND Jubilee Party was held at Utterby School.

It was all planned by the key stage 2 children. They split into their four colour teams following a surprise visit from ‘The Queen’ who issued special requests for them to help organise a Diamond Jubilee Party she would be proud of.

The teams were each responsible for a different aspect of the party - food and refreshments, decorations, publicity and entertainment.

Anita Dodge, Key stage 2 teacher, said: “Proceedings began at 2pm with Utterby’s Got Talent in the hall showcasing some very talented performances including four-year-old Grace singing a beautiful solo, to Callum from year six expertly playing his acoustic guitar to the spell-bound audience.

“As well as all the children and staff, we were delighted to welcome some visitors from Utterby village to share our celebrations. We then adjourned to the veranda where decorations adorned and tables were set for a feast of a party! There was an array of scrumptuous sandwiches and a fantastic selection of cakes - many baked and sent in by parents and friends.

“Background music was, of course, Royalty-related with hits such as Dancing Queen, Diamonds and Pearls to more traditional tunes like Land of Hope and Glory.

“Everyone present received a certificate acknowledging their presence at the Royal party which was, of course, signed by ‘The Queen’!

“Everyone had a fantastic afternoon with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Party to remember forever! I don’t think many children (or staff) would have had any room for tea that evening!”