Diamond wedding aniversary in Louth

A HAPPY Louth couple are enjoying looking back over 60 years of fond memories as they approach their diamond wedding anniversary.

Eileen Day, 81, and husband Leslie, 87, will celebrate their big day on Tuesday, September 11 with a party for family and friends at the Royal Oak at Little Cawthorpe.

Reminiscing over their wedding day at St James Church in Louth, the couple recall having six bridesmaids and Eileen’s sparkling white silk dress.

After meeting in Louth the couple we married soon after, and although Leslie admitted there is no special formula for happiness, he said hard work was vital.

“There is no secret, it takes hard work to keep a marriage together,” he said.

“You have to work at it and not drift apart; if you have any differences always make up quickly. We are still going strong.”