‘Disgust’ over claims of cancer diagnosis wait

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A woman from Sutton on Sea says she has been left in shock after being told she had cancer - four months after first going to her doctor.

Mandy Bull claims her case was classed as non-urgent after she visited her GP at the Marisco Medical Practice in Mablethorpe.

In June, Mandy had to face up to everyone’s worst nightmare after discovering a lump on her rectum.

Her GP, Dr Atkin, was 
quick to confirm the presence of a lump and internal bleeding.

Mandy had to be referred to a specialist for an endoscopy and biopsy so the lump could be examined and doctors could determine whether it was cancerous.

But, from her initial diagnosis in June, she didn’t have her lump removed for analysis until the end of September

It was not until the first week of October, over four months since the initial discovery, that Mandy says doctors confirmed her worst fears - that she had cancer.

Mandy and her husband John are shocked with the length of time she has had to wait.

Speaking on Mandy’s behalf, John said she is determined to discover why her case was not classed as urgent.

He spoke exclusively to the Mablethorpe Leader and said: “To find out my wife has got cancer after we detected the lump nearly four months ago is a numbing feeling, to say the least.

“We are disgusted by the lengthy waiting periods throughout the detection and examination processes.

“When all this began, and as time went on, we hoped that the chances of cancer would be slim, but then to find out months later that it is definitely cancer was a shock to us both.

“All we are asking for now is answers, Having written several letters of complaint, not one medical professional has responded.”

A spokesman for the NHS England Lincolnshire and Leicestershire Area Team said: “NHS England is aware of an enquiry from a patient at Marisco Medical Practice, Mablethorpe, relating to a patient referral to the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

“The circumstances of this are currently being fully investigated and our findings will be shared with the patient in due course.”