‘Disgusting!’: Heaps of dog waste dumped in Louth

The pile of dog waste bags in Scarborough Road, Louth.
The pile of dog waste bags in Scarborough Road, Louth.

Residents have condemned the ‘disgusting’ dog owner who has dumped dozens of dog waste bags in a pile at the roadside in Louth.

Jane Goodwin took the photograph above after spotting the mess in Scarborough Road, on the Fairfield Industrial Estate, while dropping someone off at the nearby indoor tennis club.

She posted the image on the Louth Dog Owners Facebook group, saying she ‘could not believe’ the amount of mess she had seen.

Many of the bags appear to be the same make, leading to suspicions that multiple bags might have been left by the same person.

Members of the group commented that it was a ‘lazy’ and ‘disgusting’ act, although one person noted the lack of dog waste bins on the industrial estate.

Nikii Malone replied: “Just because there are no bins doesn’t mean you can dump it. Carry it until there is a bin, or if you’re that lazy, don’t have a dog!”

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (2005) provides councils with the powers to deal with people who fail to clean up their dog mess, with offenders receiving a fixed penalty notice of £100 if caught.

• Incidents of dog fouling can be reported at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/dogfouling.