District Council takes legal action to move on travellers in Mablethorpe

45 travellers so far have taken over the Seacroft Road Car Park in Mablethorpe as more come to town today (Thursday).
45 travellers so far have taken over the Seacroft Road Car Park in Mablethorpe as more come to town today (Thursday).

East Lindsey District Council has launched legal action to clear 45 travellers from a site close to Mablethorpe town centre.

The travellers have set up camp on Seacroft Road car park after arriving in 
the resort 10 days ago.

There have been concerns about the impact of the travellers on Mablethorpe at one of the busiest times of the year.

The district council confirmed it started legal proceedings to ‘initiate possession for the land through the courts’ when the travellers first appeared.

ELDC’s head of communications James Gilbert said: “The District Council is aware around 45 vehicles are parked unlawfully in the Seacroft Road car park.

“The council and police are working together to minimise disruption to local people and visitors, and the council is awaiting a court date to secure a possession order for the site.

“The matter is being dealt with as quickly as the legal process will allow.”

The council is concerned about the availability of car parking in the town centre during the current peak season for tourists.

Mayor of Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea, Coun Graham Cullen, who is also a district councillor, said: “My current concern for Mablethorpe is the availability of parking 
for tourists.

“We are currently in the peak of the summer season where we get a lot of tourists and coach parties.

“We are advising anyone who has empty land in the area to make sure it is secured.”

He added: “These travellers have not caused any trouble for the town and after speaking to a couple of them recently, they explained that they are here to celebrate their ‘lady day’ and after that they intend to move on.

“We are doing all we can here to make sure the toilets are open longer to avoid any masses of mess around 
the area.

“Everyone just thinks that we can just move them off immediately, but we have to go through the proper channels of the court to make this possible.”

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