Dolls house shows off the locals in miniature

A LOCAL woman has frozen time for generations to come by creating a dolls house of Café and Cream, in Sutton on Sea, featuring regulars.

Issie Barrett from Sutton on Sea spent ten months creating this dolls house to 1/12th scale and has accurately recreated all of the café’s distinguishing features, including the many loyal customers who visit the café on a regular basis.

She recently took the completed dolls house down to the café, located on the High Street to show the customers their immortalised selves.

Issie was overwhelmed by the response that the dolls house received. She said: “The grand unveiling of the dolls house to locals in Sutton on Sea was a great success.

“It was fantastic to see how busy the café was all afternoon and the finished project received some wonderful comments from the honoured locals who were made part of it.”

Locals enjoyed cream teas whilst viewing the dolls house and also gave donations on the day which will be given to local charities, Community Spirit and the Sutton on Sea First Responders.

Manager of the Café, Tanya Matthews added: “It was extremely nice of Issie to build a dolls house that recreated the café.

“I really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into it. It’s truly fantastic.”

Issie continued to say: “This dolls house is a piece of history which will be frozen in time for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

“I would also like to thank the people of Sutton on Sea for coming along and showing their support and thank you to everyone who was kind enough to give a donation.”

Issie's next planned project is to create a Hi Di Hi TV sitcom holiday chalet.

This dolls house is hoping to be launched early in the spring next year.

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