Don’t make it a merry Christmas for thieves

Don't make it a merry Christmas for thieves over the festive period.
Don't make it a merry Christmas for thieves over the festive period.

Louth Neighbourhood Policing Team are giving out their final message from their Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign ‘don’t make it a merry Christmas for thieves’.

As Christmas day is fast approaching more and more people have completed their

shopping and having wrapped their gifts are now placing expensive gifts under their Christmas trees.

Unfortunately criminals don’t care what time of the year it is when they commit crime.

In fact if you have wrapped an expensive gift for them it is even easier for them to sell it on after they have discovered what is behind the nice colourful seasonal paper.

The message from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team is to never become complacent at any time of the year, especially around Christmas when criminals are on the lookout for an easy target.

PCSO Andrea Cave comments: “Don’t make it a Merry Christmas for thieves – don’t give them a gift-wrapped present this Christmas!”

Taking these simple steps will help to ensure that your home is protected over the holiday period: - Secure all external doors and windows. It must be remembered that not all previous burglaries have required force to be used, so please remember to lock all doors and windows when not in use.

-Use visible deterrents, for example an intruder alarm system can be an effective way of putting a thief off.

- Make a record of makes and serial numbers of valuable electrical items and make sure they are covered by your home insurance. Alternatively, mark valuables with an ultra violet marker pen with your postcode and house number, assisting police with identifying stolen property.

- Empty boxes left outside a house as rubbish can advertise that new goods have been bought, so make sure you dispose of these carefully.

- If you are going out for an evening, try and make your house look as if there is someone at home. Don’t leave curtains open so that people can see your decorations, tree and of course those presents, as this will only be an invitation for thieves.

If you see anything suspicious this Christmas, call the police on 101 or, if it is an emergency, call ‘999’.