Down Your Wold heritage project


Down Your Wold is a unique and exciting project to help residents discover, explore and uncover the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while learning new skills along the way.

Down Your Wold is a two year community heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery, Wolds Countryside Service and hosted by Heritage Lincolnshire.

The project aims to inspire local people to explore the hidden heritage of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Anyone can take part and give as little or as much time as possible, from attending talks and events to playing a lead role in their own community heritage projects.

Sam Phillips, Down Your Wold Project Officer, is keen to hear from interested residents: “The project has such an open remit that it is down to Lincolnshire Wolds communities to decide what they would like to explore. The project will play a very important part in documenting Lincolnshire’s heritage and has access to many professionals and resources. My role is to support residents in their research and discovery.”

Lincolnshire Wolds is home to huge number of Deserted Medieval Villages. Over 100 have been discovered amongst the lumps and bumps in fields. The Lincolnshire Wolds landscape has layers of untold history within it and Down Your Wold has been created to give communities the skills and knowledge to uncover this information and celebrate the story of their village throughout the ages.

Volunteers will have opportunities such as visits to the Lincolnshire archives, taking part in archaeology surveys, reading landscapes, documenting local wildlife and learning how to date historical buildings.

To find out more about the Down Your Wold project please visit, call 01507 609740 or email Sam on