Drink-driver seen by security staff in Mablethorpe

A WOMAN enjoying a 
weekend break in Mablethorpe, drove her car on a caravan car park after drinking too much alcohol.

Donna Robinson, 38, from Northampton, admitted driving whilst unfit through drink on September 2.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Mrs Robinson was seen by 
security staff at the Golden Sands caravan site, to be involved in a domestic argument and they thought she was drunk.

When they later saw her driving a car, they informed the police.

A breath test revealed she had 51 micogrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal maximum is 35.

Apologising to the court, Mrs Robinson said she ‘very rarely drank’.

She told Skegness magistrates on Tuesday, September 18 that she had been on a family weekend break at the resort but had become very upset when she thought her purse had been stolen from her car.

That developed into an argument with her partner which became a family row and she then drove her car to the front car park at the site as she had decided to sleep in it.

Magistrates disqualified Mrs Robinson from driving for a period of 12 months but she was offered the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course which would reduce the period of disqualification by three months.

Mrs Robinson was also fined £120 and was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge.