East Barkwith annual garden show

DESPITE the difficult weather this year members and friends of the Barkwith and District Gardeners Association held very successful annual Evening Show in the village hall.

It was most rewarding for the organising committee and a colourful sight for everyone who attended when the exhibits were displayed on the tables. Judges were Cecile Povey flowers, John Bennett fruit and vegetables and May Bennett floral art.

There were trophies and prizes for winners of special classes and for the exhibitors with the most points in each sectione: Grace Clark received the Ernie Smith Memorial Trophy for the best dahlia in the show; Lyn Small received the Margaret Fairbank Trophy for the best pot fuchsia in the show; Grace Clark received the Betty Horton Cup for totting up the most points in the fruit and vegetable section; Mary Dixon received the Hugh Noble Rose Bowl as the exhibitor with the most points in the flower section and Sheila Fincham received the Barry Denny Cup for gaining the most points in the floral art section.

Special prizes for the longest runner bean and the heaviest marrow were won by Grace Clark.