East Barkwith gardeners


More than 40 members were welcomed to the annual meeting by chairman Sheila Minns and all were pleased to have the opportunity to reflect on what was a very successful year after the earlier disappointment of the cancellation of the spring show. This had been due to the prolonged bitterly cold weather which had delayed the daffodil season.
Chris Raynor the secretary gave a comprehensive and humorous review of the years programme which had been enjoyed ranging from indoor meetings during the winter with advice from the experts absorbed to be put into practise when the weather improved to the very popular range of outings which adds to the social side. Les Robinson the organiser puts in a tremendous amount of time and energy making sure everything runs smoothly from the time the passengers climb aboard his coaches to when they return home and all are designed to accommodate all age groups moving at the pace that suits them. Food is a priority of his and on coach outings Les arranges everyone knows there will be a hearty meal to enjoy at some time during the day that will have been carefully fitted in-he is well aware that no-one wants to start cooking when they get home after a good day out.
Sheila Minns thanked all the members for their contribution to the successful year.

As treasurer she also presented the financial report which was adopted by those present and the annual membership will remain at £5.
Committee members elected were Les Robinson, Sheila Minns, Chris Raynor, Lyn Small, Jean Thompson and Laura Pearce with other members volunteering to help with the preparation of the shows.
The flower of the month competition at the meeting was won by Lyn Small and the prize for the overall winner who had totted up the most points during the year was presented to Jean Thompson.
Once the annual business was complete all sat back and relaxed as they enjoyed some of the highlights of the many trips Les has organised, beautifully presented by Michael Bradley who is a digital photography expert, and a regular passenger on the Gardeners outings which attract people from a wide surrounding area. Les had the pleasure of thanking him for a superb display which brought back happy memories for his audience. 
Refreshments were served by Lyn Small and Alec Small and there was a prize foe everyone in the raffle run by Yvonne Bryson.