East Lindsey District Council food poisoning warning for Food Safety Week

THERE were 274 cases of food poisoning reported in East Lindsey in 2011.

East Lindsey District Council is marking the start of Food Safety Week which starts on June 11 by raising awareness of the importance of basis food safety principles.

They say food poisoning levels soar during summer months across the UK with around 120,000 extra cases of illness from June to August.

One of the reasons for this increase is warmer temperatures causing any germs present to grow faster, which underlines the importance of getting leftovers in the fridge quickly.

This year’s Food Safety Week is promoting food safety on a budget. New research published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) shows that some people are taking more risks with food as they try to save money and make food go further or last longer.

Portfolio Holder for Communities at East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Sandra Harrison, said: “The safe preparation, storage and cooking of food are all really important to prevent food poisoning and our aim for food safety week is to remind everyone about the need to ensure they follow the basic principles of food safety.

“We realise family budgets are tighter and with the ever increasing cost of utilities putting more pressure on us all, we do need to think about what we cook and how we use leftovers but we need to do this in a safe way.”

Bob Martin, a food safety expert at the Food Standards Agency, said: “With most of us seeing our weekly shopping bills increase over the last few years, we are all looking for ways to get the most out of our shopping budget.”

“Using leftover food is a good way of making our meals go further. However, unless we’re careful, there’s a chance we can risk food poisoning by not storing or handling them properly. During Food Safety Week we are working with East Lindsey District Council to encourage people to view their fridge as their friend and make the most of leftovers whilst staying safe.”