East Lindsey District Council raises fears of ‘chaotic’ planning disputes

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EAST Lindsey District Council fear ‘chaos’ could be brought to communities through proposed changes to planning laws.

Speaking in response to concerns by Lincolnshire County Council, ELDC’s Portfolio Holder for Planning, Coun Craig Leyland, has spoken out about proposals by the Coalition government to relax planning laws.

He said: “Whilst we recognise the need for development to drive the economy this is already facilitated by the existing planning framework, we are extremely concerned about the potential impact of the proposed changes to planning legislation, which would allow homeowners to build out up to 26ft from their property without the need for planning consent.

“Not only could ad-hoc development cause devaluation in areas of the District but it is also likely to cause chaos in communities with neighbour disputes.”

Meanwhile LCC is asking its district counterparts to follow the lead of Richmond Council and find ways around the new policy.

The government’s proposal to ease the rules would mean extensions of up to 8 metres could be built without planning permission, over a three-year period.

Councillor Eddy Poll, Executive Member for Planning, said: “Not only will these changes inevitably lead to more neighbourly disputes, but there’s also a danger that a rash of extensions could increase flood risk in certain areas. On top of that, there’s undoubtedly going to be an impact on the Lincolnshire landscape.

“Developments of this size have to be carefully considered, balancing the needs of the local community as a whole. A free-for-all is not the way to go, and we hope that our district colleagues will do everything they can to stop it from happening.”

“The government is currently running a month-long consultation on the proposals.”