East Lindsey District Council supports evict rogue landlords campaign

As part part of its continued efforts to clamp down on rogue landlords, East Lindsey District Council is supporting a new national scheme that protects the rights of tenants.

Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, is encouraging local authorities across the country to support the battle against rogue landlords through its ‘evict rogue landlords’ campaign.

Working with the housing charity, the District Council will continue to enforce the law by clamping down on landlords who flout housing regulations and in doing so put their tenants at risk of harm or injustice.

Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councillor William Gray, said: “By joining the ‘Evict Rogue Landlords’ campaign, we are signaling our support for fairness and safe living. Whilst we have many very good landlords in East Lindsey, we also have those who breach housing regulations by not maintaining their properties to an acceptable standard. Everyone deserves the right to live in a safe and secure environment and we will continue to inspect properties to ensure Landlords are fulfilling their obligation to tenants. Where Landlords are not, we will take action.”

Each year, East Lindsey District Council inspects around 300 properties. In the past 18 months, the District Council has issued 142 notices against landlords for improvements at their properties.

Roger Harding, head of policy, research and public affairs at Shelter, said: “We are pleased to hear that East Lindsey District Council are committing to firm action against rogue landlords operating in their area. Every day at Shelter we see the devastating impact rogue landlords have on people’s lives, and we’ve been campaigning to urge government and councils to crack down on the small but highly dangerous minority of landlords who make people’s lives a misery.

“We urge other councils to follow East Lindsey’s lead in confronting rogue landlords and do everything in their power to crack down on the worst offenders in their area.”

For more information on Shelter’s new campaign please visit http://www.shelter.org.uk/