East Lindsey residents face £25 a year charge for green waste collections from March 2014 as council bids to save £800,000

Green bins
Green bins

East Lindsey residents face a £25 a year charge to have their green waste collected after East Lindsey District Council announced it will formally consider an all year round paid for Green Waste service.

On Wednesday July 17 councillors will discuss the scheme being proposed by the Executive Board, which is that an all year round fortnightly green waste collection service is introduced in March 2014 at a cost of £25 a year – £1 per collection.

The response to a recent consultation exercise with residents demonstrated how important the Green Waste collection service is to local people and that response has informed the recommendation being made to council by the Executive Board.

Currently, green waste collections are available between March and September.

The council will consider the proposal in order to identify £800,000 towards required savings of £2m for the 2014/15 financial year.

In addition to the proposal to council, the Executive Board has agreed greater partnership working with Boston Borough Council, subject to Boston’s agreement, on refuse and recycling to create a more efficient service, with a view to saving around £300,000 and arrangements being in place from April 2014.

The council insists is one of the remaining few in Lincolnshire not to charge for green waste collections.

From March 2014, the council will also revise its waste collection schedule to optimise collection rounds but that decisionwould not require council approval.

This will mean a change to collection day for some households but the council will contact those affected with a new collection schedule.

Portfolio holder for the environment, councillor Steve Newton, said: “It is clear from the consultation feedback how important the green waste service is to homes and rather than reduce the service further we’ve recommended the introduction of a £1 per collection charge - £25 per year – and the extension of the service to all year around on an ‘opt-in’ basis, so only those requesting the service would pay.

“Like families and businesses, the council’s finances are being put under significant pressure due to ongoing reductions in Government funding.

“As a result we need to do things differently if we are to save the money required and at the same time do all we can to protect front line services to local people.

“The council will not make any profit from this. If approved, the £1 per collection charge would be used to offset the costs associated with providing the service.”