East Lindsey’s roads are ‘sixth worst in the country’ for child casualties

The fire was started deliberately, the fire service said
The fire was started deliberately, the fire service said

A new report has ranked East Lindsey’s roads as the sixth-worst in the UK for child casualties, with an average of 59 child casualties per year.

The recent RAC Foundation report breaks down the child casualty figures based on 378 local authorities across the UK.

The report is based on data for a five year period up to 2014, and shows that there have been 295 child casualties during that period - an average of 59 per year.

The figures also show that per 10,000 resident children (age 0-15) in the district, there are an average 28.06 casualties per year.

With regards to incidents involving children who are killed or serious injured (KSI), East Lindsey is ranked 51 out of the 378 local authorities.

There were 29 fatal/serious child casualties in the district between 2010-2014, which breaks down to an average of 5.8 fatal/serious child casualties per year.

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