East of England Apples & Orchards Project asks people to plant rare Lincolnshire fruit trees


Have you got space in your garden, school, or a community site to plant Lincolnshire fruit trees - including some that have their origins in Grimoldby?

Charity The East of England Apples & Orchards Project has been working for 10 years to ensure a long-term future for the region’s orchard fruits.

They are asking people to plant a fruit tree and help save Lincolnshire’s heritage and have a special offer on local variety fruit trees until the end of March.

A project spokesperson said: “There are 18 apple varieties and two gages which come from the county, from the earliest known Holland Pippin which dates from 1729 to the Broadholme Beauty which dates from 1980. With a wide choice of cookers and eaters, there’s something for every taste and use.

“There’s also a story that goes with each apple. Some varieties were raised by the Laxton nursery in Stamford, others by William Ingall at Grimoldby, then there was Brown’s nursery of Stamford, most of whose varieties are now ‘lost’.

“The county’s most famous varieties are probably Peasgood Nonsuch, dating from 1853, and Ellison’s Orange, dating from 1904.”

The East of England Apples and Orchards Project is a registered charity. It aims to ensure a long-term future for the region’s orchards and orchard fruit. It does this by raising awareness and understanding of the heritage and diversity of the fruit varieties and orchards of Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The trees are sold bare-rooted, ready for immediate planting, and can be grown as free-standing trees or can be trained as cordons or espaliers. The Project is offering trees at £12.95 each, postage free until the end of March on orders of two or more trees (p & p is normally £10).

Lincolnshire apples include –

Dessert: Ellison’s Orange, Herring’s Pippin, Ingall’s Pippin, Ingall’s Red; Dual use (cooking when first picked, ripening to eating): Allington Pippin, Bolinbroke Beauty, Brown’s Seedling, Holland Pippin, Peasgood Nonsuch, Philadelphia; Cookers: Broadholme Beauty, Dewdney’s Seedling, Dr Clifford, Grimoldby Golden, Hunthouse Pippin, Schoolmaster, Sleeping Beauty, Uland; Gages dessert: Ingall’s Grimoldby Greengage, Lindsey Gage.

For more information about the varieties and the work of the project visit www.applesandorchards.org.uk.