Eastfield Road application is withdrawn - but what now?

The original five-home plans for the Eastfield Road site.
The original five-home plans for the Eastfield Road site.

Controversial plans for five new homes near Louth Canal have been withdrawn - but the developers are set to submit 
a new application for the site.

The original plans regarding land to the north of 119 Eastfield Road, would have seen five new homes being built along the south bank of Louth Canal.

The application resulted in complaints from nearby residents - and a unanimous objection from Louth Town Council’s planning committee members at their meeting 
on January 3.

The main objections to the proposals were based around road safety and access concerns, the risk of surface water flooding, the impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties, and the environmental impact of the proposed development - particularly 
its proximity to the canal.

A current bat survey is also required for the site, according to town councillors.

Resident Jane Air also spoke at the public forum before the planning committee meeting to voice her concerns over the risk 
to trees and bluebells.

Following the applicant’s withdrawal of the plans on February 3, a spokesman for the developer - Mr Chapman - told the Leader that amended plans would be submitted in due course, which would “make the area special and 
give something back”.

The spokesman said that the previous plans “ticked all the boxes” with regards to planning regulations, but that the new plans could include a new country park-style 
open space which would “make the area look pretty”, and could also include a tree planting scheme.

The number of homes in the forthcoming application may also be ‘tweaked’, the spokesman confirmed.

He said: “There were some ecological objections from some residents, but we will protect trees and 
re-plant some too. We want to make the area pretty amazing.

“We are working closely with the planning officer, and nothing is definite yet.

“It ticks all the boxes - it’s sustainable, within the town boundaries, and it is a 
brown field site.

“It shouldn’t really be a controversial application.”