Ecotricity’s Fen Farm enry park produced enough power to ‘brew over two billion cups of tea’

Ecotricity say their green energy park at Fen Farm in Conisholme had a productive year in 2012, producing enough clean, green electricity to power ‘the equivalent of over 9,600 average homes, or brew over two billion cups of tea’.

Fen Farm combines a solar park and a 20 turbine wind farm, together producing over 40 million units (kWh) of electricity last year.

The turbines were installed in April 2008, while the solar park arrived in July 2011, creating the first combined wind and solar park in the UK.

The green energy park has now produced almost 192 million units (kWh) of energy in that time: that’s enough electricity to keep an iPad going for nearly sixteen million years, or drive an electric car (Nissan LEAF) around the equator over twenty seven thousand times.

Nick Osbourne, Ecotricity spokesperson, said: “2012 was another bumper year of renewable energy generation for Fen Farm. January and December in particular were very windy months for the turbines with high output, while the summer naturally proved the peak months for the solar panels. Fen Farm has now had nearly five years of green generation: a real feather in the cap for Lincolnshire’s renewable credentials.”

Ecotricity, the first green energy company in the UK, recently secured permission for a 22 turbine site in Heckington Fen in Lincolnshire and also announced that they had reached 70,000 green gas and electricity customers.