A-level praise for Lincolnshire schools

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has praised the county’s schools for this year’s A-level results.

The council says schools have once again achieved excellent results in A-level examinations and provisional figures show that overall pass rates for A-levels continue to be above the national average.

They say provisional indications are that Lincolnshire has scored an overall A-E grade pass rate of 98.4 per cent for A-level qualifications, which is above the national average.

This is the second year that students have been able to achieve an A* grade. Nationally 8.2 per cent of A-level entries have achieved this exemplary level.

More than a quarter of Lincolnshire schools have exceeded the national figure of 27 per cent of entries at the highest grades A* or A.

Initial results also show that performance for A-level equivalent examinations is also improving.

Coun Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “Once again our young people have delivered with another year of superb results for A-levels and our schools continue to outstrip national averages for performance. This is a tribute to the dedication of students and the tremendous support they have received from their parents and teachers.”

Peter Duxbury, Director of Children’s Services, said: “All of our young people deserve great credit for producing these results which once again show how well Lincolnshire is performing nationally. Congratulations to all those schools that have done so well through the hard work and commitment of students and staff, together with support from parents and carers.”