Birkbeck students learn about the Gambia project

Students at Birkbeck College in North Somercotes heard all about the Gambia Project recently.

They heard how money raised was spent renovating a dilapidated classroom and turning it into a library at St Joseph’s School in Banjul.

This entailed preparing walls, painting walls cleaning and sweeping, buying materials for the shelves and a joiner to make them.

Volunteers spent time assisting in the classroom, second hand clothes, books and toiletries were given to people in the local communities and sports equipment was taken out for the school.

There have been lots of fundraising activities for the project and children at Theddlethorpe Primary School sponsor education at

St Joseph’s School.

They also donated toys given up for Lent.

A sponsored run and cycle ride was completed by staff from the Grimsby Institute to the Lincolnshire Rural Activity Centre in Louth and a Gambian evening was held at Eastgate Union Church.

A 32 mile walk ending at North Thoresby for a fun evening of stalls also rasied money.

Fundraising has recently meant more children are now able to attend school and get an education.

Chairs refurbished for the library and large table made

New desks for a classroom have been provided as well as laptops.