Bronze Healthy Schools Award

Scamblesby recieving its bronze award
Scamblesby recieving its bronze award

Scamblesby Primary School has been awarded the Healthy Schools Bronze Award.

The school council, which consists of elected members who represent the school, have contributed towards achieving this award by passing on ideas and suggestions from their fellow pupils to the head teacher and governors of the school.

The school have also been raising funds for nominated charity MND, by holding a toy and book sale and various other activities.

The school council also supports the local community, which has included working on a lottery bid for the local village hall.

They have held regular meetings to produce a portfolio of evidence to help support the criteria that was set out by Healthy Schools Lincolnshire.

All of those involved have worked extremely hard throughout the whole school year .

It shows that the hard work has paid off after now being recognised for all their efforts by being presented this fantastic award.

Also the Year 5 and 6 pupils at the school have completed a St Johns one-day first aid course.

This has focussed on emergency situations typical to school environments.

The children enjoyed their day and now feel more confident to administer assistance if ever the situation arose.