Cordeaux plays host to European guests

Cordeaux Academy hosts their visitors this week.
Cordeaux Academy hosts their visitors this week.
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Cordeaux Academy is hosting a group of teachers and students from mainland Europe this week, as part of their ‘Comenius’ project.

The scheme, which is run by the British Council and funded by the European Union, saw 10 pupils aged 15-18 visit from schools in Italy, Slovakia and Germany along with six of their teachers.

The two year project is now in its final year, and has seen Cordeaux pupils visit Slovakia and Germany, with a visit to Italy set to take place in 
May 2015.

The theme of the project is ‘Making a Difference’, which focuses on environmentalism and green energy.

The visitors arrived on Sunday and have been taking part in educational visits and day trips during their stay.

Mr Richard Coles, Cordeaux Academy’s Head of Geography, is also in charge of international links at the school.

Speaking on Monday (September 29), Mr Coles said: “The visitors will be visiting Continuum, the Cola-Cola bottle recycling factory in Hemswell Cliff, before heading to Cleethorpes for fish and chips.

“On Tuesday they’ll be out and about in Louth town, before heading to Lincoln on Wednesday to see the Castle, Cathedral and the 
Magna Carta.

“On Thursday they will be visiting London to go on the London Eye, a river cruise, and see the sights such as Big Ben.”

Many thanks go to the families of Cordeaux pupils who have kindly hosted the guests during their visit.