Cordeaux School, Louth has new mentoring scheme

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WHEN Cordeaux School put out a call for volunteer learning mentors they thought only a few people would apply. An overwhelming 52 people put themselves forward and the approaches are still coming in.

The mentors form part of a new support programme for the pupils, with training and sessions already in full swing for most mentors.

Volunteer mentors offer a range of help for any students who, it is felt, will be able to improve their progress with a little extra one-to-one time. All of the mentoring will take place in school, in school time. Mentors are currently offering a range of support from extra literacy and numeracy, to academic tracking, running self-esteem workshops and even running a school chess club.

This is an excellent opportunity for pupils to work alongside members of the local community and for the community to really make a difference in young people’s lives.

Deputy Headteacher Frances Green said: “Following an impressive, initial response from the community, we have now trained nearly 40 learning mentors.

“Pupils have been extremely positive about these sessions, looking forward to meeting with their mentors and working hard to meet their targets.

“What has been most impressive is the sheer commitment of the volunteers, giving their own time and putting terrific thought and energy into their sessions and into supporting individual pupils.”