Cordeaux students grasp the real world of business

YEAR 13 business students from Cordeaux School got an insight into the business world after their recent trip to the Lincolnshire Co-operative head office in Lincoln.

Luckily for the school the Co-op were launching their Dividend Bonanza Sales Promotion at the same time Cordeaux students were visiting and needed to investigate a real marketing campaign as part of their studies.

Their business teacher Philomena Lympaney stressed to them how important it is to witness business in action to understand the subject in a practical capacity and not just from a theoretical point of view.

Head of Marketing at the Co-op, Bob Doe linked business theory taught in class with a real campaign.

Cordeaux students also had the opportunity to visit the graphic design section and talk with graphic and web designers involved in the campaign.

The students then went on to visit the Department of Business and Law at the University of Lincoln.

They were given the opportunity to look at the state of the art facilities of this new building and see seminars and lectures taking place.

The marketing department organised a very stimulating and interactive seminar especially for the students. The pupils had a very full day experiencing both higher education and the real world of business.

Student Andrew Laughton said: “The day was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of marketing.” Fellow student Kai Boswell added: “I really enjoyed the day, especially the talk about graphics.”