Could you mentor a Cordeaux pupil?

CORDEAUX School in Louth are in the process of preparing a new support programme for their pupils which will be offered to them from September this year.

The school will be recruiting and training volunteer mentors to offer a range of help for any students who they and the teachers feel will be able to make better progress with a little extra one-to-one time from someone willing to show them their support.

All of the mentoring will take place in school, in school time, and will only be offered by people who have CRB clearance.

If you feel that you would be interested in becoming involved, whether in academic mentoring, perhaps basic literacy or numeracy, motivational or behavioural support then Cordeaux would love to hear from you.

You do not need any previous experience in mentoring and any time you could give would make a real difference to the students.

Even twenty minutes per week could help a child move on in their reading, for example.

l For more information about the mentoring programme please contact Frances Green, assistant head at Cordeaux School, on 01507 606555.