Deadline for secondary school applications

PARENTS are being reminded that there is just under a week left in which to submit a secondary school application for their child.

Parents have until Monday October 31 to send in their form to Lincolnshire County Council’s school admissions team.

Chris Wrench, Pupil Services Manager, said: “All schools have had their open evenings and parents have been notified of the 11 plus results, so we urge them to go online and fill in their application form straight away. All our booklets and advice is available at

“We’re writing to all county primary schools asking them to remind parents that the deadline is looming. Any primary school will be happy to offer advice, and parents can just call in to speak to the school secretary - there is no need for an appointment.

“All parents must apply even if they have a sibling at the local school, a child is attending the school nursery or even if they have put their child’s name down at the school. Unless the application is made to the local authority and received on time the county council will not be able to guarantee that it will be treated alongside all the other applications. “

Last year 94 per cent of parents received their first preference school, but if an application is not made to the county council then the authority will make a decision about a school on your behalf and this may be to a school outside of your local area.