Full Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College GCSE results

Monks' dyke
Monks' dyke

Students at Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College in Louth and Mablethorpe have achieved an ‘impressive’ set of GCSE results this summer. Despite the national picture of lower results this year, the College has matched last summer’s scores with 57% of students achieving the benchmark five A*-C grades including English and maths, and 85 per cent of students achieving five or more good grades.

Principal Dr Chris Rolph said: “This is a really impressive achievement, given that we merged two schools when these students were halfway through their courses. As ever it demonstrates the commitment of the staff, the support of the parents, and also that students are rewarded when they work hard.”

The highest points score was achieved by Tim Meiwald, whose string of A* and A grades secured him a place at the prestigious UWC Atlantic College. seven students achieved four or more A* grades, with Katie Walker topping the table with 6A*s along with 4 As and a B. The largest number of A*-C passes was 12.5, which 7 students accomplished.

Chair of Governors Rachel Tickhill praised the staff and students, saying “For the first set of results from Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College to match last year’s record breaking score is fantastic: it shows that there’s been no loss of consistency and it’s no less than everyone involved deserves—well done to them all!”

When Dr Rolph takes up a new post in September he will be replaced as Principal by Mike Eyre, who said: “These are great results, they demonstrate the firm foundations that have been laid down and they mean the bar has been set very high for the future—but we’ll always be looking to better it!”

A full list of results: Adkins Simon CCCCCEFF; Adlam Joshua-James BCCCCDDD; Aizlewood Heather ABBCCDDDE; Allen Felix BCCCCDF; Allott Kieran CCCCCCCDEG; Ardern Nicky A*A*BCCCCCCCDDF; Atkins Chermain AABBCCCDDE; Baldock Joel A*A*BBCCCCCE; Barker Ellis CCCCCDEEEF; Barker Sophie AAABCCCD; Barnes Siana AACCCCCDDG; Barr Amelia AABBCCCCCEE; Beeton Leah CCCCCEEFG; Begium Shuley Farhin A*A*BBBBBBBCCC; Blades Robert BBCCCCDDDEEE; Blades Daniel BBCCCCCCCCDG; Blanshard Daniel BBBCCCCCCEE; Borman Oliver BBBCCCCCCDEF; Boyden Bethany CCEFG; Bradshaw Thomas AABBBBCCCDDF; Briggs Charlie CCCCCCDDDEEE; Briggs Sarah CCCCCCCCDDD; Brown Elliott A*A*AABBCCCCDDD; Brown Luke BCCCCDEF; Brunt Joshua A*A*CCCDDDDFG; Bruton Samantha BBCCCCCCDDDE; Burgess Ellie ABBBCCCCCD; Burrows Natasha BBBBBBCCCCDEG; Burton Connor BBBBBBCCDD; Carlton Lucy AABBBCCCCDD; Cartwright Matthew AACCCCCDDDEE; Charles Ellese A*A*BBBCCCCCCD; Charlton Daniel BBCCCCCCCE; Charlton Rebecca ABBBBBCCCDD; Circuit Daisy BBCCCCCDE; Clogg Sophie BBBCCCCDEEF; Coddington Jack CCCCCCCCEFGG; Cohen Glyn GG; Cole Abigail CCCCDEFFG; Cook Matthew BCCDDDDF; Cook Pierce AAABBBBBCDE; Cooper Astacia A*ABBBCCCCDD; Corne Damon-Paul CCCDEEFG; Cotter Leah CCCCCCCCCE; Critten Jessika BBBBCCCCDEEEG; Culley Amy CCCCCEG; Cullingford Lisa CCCCDF; Cuthbert Jasmine BDDFG; Daciuk Alessandra CCCCCCCDDDFF; Dales Kieren A*A*ABBBBBCCDD; Dane Connor A*A*CCCCCCCCDEF; Dennis Molly AAAABBBBCCD; Douglas-Lowe Dylan BBCCCCCCCCCEG; Drewery Joe ABBBBBBBCCD; Dykes Liam AAAABBBCCCDDD; Ella Lucy CCCCCCCCDF; Ervin Carla BCCCCCCCCDEF; Evans Daniel CCCCCCCDDDE; Farmery Liam BCCCCCCDDDDEE; Ferrier Laura AACCDDDDDDD; Fixter Robbie CCCCCD; Gaffney Andrew A*BBBCCCDDEF; Gains Kyle CCCEF; Gamester Cora CCCCDEF; Goulsbra Maisie BBBBBBBBCCC; Gray James AABCCCCCCDEG; Gray Jessica BBCCCCCCCCCE; Hall Jeremy A*A*BCCCCCCCD; Hannah Chantelle BBCCCCCDD; Hanson Daniel CCCEF; Harpham Jessica BBCCCCDDDF; Harris Alexander CCCCCDDDEEF; Harris Amy BBBBBCCCCCDE; Harrison Sophie CCCCCCFG; Hawkins Hannah BCCCCCDDE; Heaven Danielle CCCCCEE; Helliwell Sophie-Louise CCCCCDEF; Hennessy Amy A*A*A*AAAAABBCC; Higgs Christopher A*A*AAAAABBBBB; Hinman Ashley BBCCCDEEG; Horvath Jakob CCCCCCDE; Howkins Joshua CCCCCCDDDDDF; Hudson Liam BBBCCCDDDD; Humphrey-Potter Jack CCCCCDDE; Hunter-Smith Hollie BBCCCCDDEEE; Janney Megan BBCCCCDEEFG; Joyce Robin CCCCCEEF; Kaszics Bridie A*A*BBBCCCCDE; Kelly Sarah AAABBBBBCC; Kent Ryan BCCCCCCCCDEE; Kew Emily AACCCCCCCCDF; Keyworth Jordann CCCCCEEG; Kingswood Tia AABBCCCCCCEF; Knights Ryan CCCCDDE; Lay Benjamin CCCCCCCCCCD; Lee Jessica A*AAAABBBBBC; Lee Samuel ACCCCDDDEE; Liles Amber BBCCCCCCCE; Lingard Megan AABCCCCDDDD; Maltby Jack CCCCCCDD; Maltby Macauley CCCCCCCCCC; Mamwell Melissa A*A*A*A*CCCCCDDDD; Marsh Tyler BCCCCDDG; Mason Stirling A*A*BCCCCCDDEG; McKenzie Autumn-Blaze CCCCCCCDEEF; Meiwald Tim A*A*AAAAAAAABB; Merrikin Evie AABBBBCDD; Millson Megan CCCCCCDEEFGG; Milson Amber BBBBBCCCCDEF; Mitchell Benjamin BBCCCCCCCDDE; Moncaster Henry A*A*AAAAABBBBC; Moore Hayley CCCEF; Moss Amber A*A*BCCCCCDDE; Mountain Joshua BBCCCDE; Mumby Ben BBBBCCCCDEE; Murray Gabrielle BBBBCCCDDDE; Nicholson Abby A*A*BCCCCCE; Offer Chloe AABBCCCDD; Olsson Grace ABBBBBBCDD; Jeacock Courtney CCCCCCDDDEF; Osio Harvey BCCFF; Parrott Chloe BBBBBCCCDE; Patchett Jennifer CCCCCCEFGG; Pearson Regan CCCCCDEGG; Pell Jake BBCCCCDDFGG; Pinkney Rhys CCCCCCDE; Platt Liam BCCCCCDDEEG; Poulter Jade A*A*A*A*BBCCDDEE; Powell Stephen BCCCC; Price James BCCCCCDEEF; Raines Alexander BBCCCCCDEEG; Reed Amy CCCCCDDEF; Reed Alex A*A*A*A*BBCCDD; Reynolds Aaron BBCCCCCCDDEEF; Reynolds Rebecca CCCCCCCCDEEG; Roy Claire A*ABBBBCCCCC; Shaw Charlotte BBBBCCCCDDDD; Shilling Tholego ABBBBCCDEE; Short Macauley A*A*BCCDDDD; Simmonds Tiegan AABBCCCCDEE; Hunter Rosie CCCDFFG; Simpson Thomas A*A*BBBBBCCDD; Smith Amber BBCCCCCDDE; Smith George BBCCCCCDEE; Smith Luke ABBBBBBBBBCD; Southwell Jack AACCCCCDDDDFG; Southwood Ben A*A*CCCCCDE; Stocks Ellie BBBBCDDDDDD; Stone Hannah BCCCCDE; Stoyles Deanna EG; Sylvester Ross CCCCCCCDEF; Tacey George CCCCCDDDEF; Tasker Dylan CCDDEFGG; Thompson Cara A*A*ABBBBBCCC; Thompson Naomi A*A*ABBBBCCCCCDD; Tindall Bethany AAABBBCDDE; Topliss Hollie AABBBBCCCCCCD; Townsend Liam CCCCCCCCCD; Trueman Alex A*A*CEF; Trueman Matthew A*A*ABBBBCCCDDD; Tulley Samuel BCCCCCCCCDEF; Walker Katie A*A*A*A*A*A*AAAAB; Walker Melissa CCCEF; Warren Ashley F; Warren Bridie CCCCCCCCCCCD; Watson Matthew CCDEE; Westcough Amy CCCCDDF; Wheldon Daniel BBBBCCCDDEE; Wilkinson Rebekah CCCCDDEF; Wilkinson Danielle CCCCDFF; Wilks Emmaleen BBCCCCCDEE; Willey Calum BCCCCDDE; Willey Joe BCCCCCCDD; Willoughby Christopher A*A*A*A*CCCCCDDG; Wilson Samuel A*A*A*A*BBCCCCCD; Wilyman Rochelle BBBCCCCCCF; Wink James A*A*A*A*CCCCCDDF; Witney Courtney BBBCCCCDDDE; Worley Jordan CCCCDDEEG; Wright Emma A*A*A*AAAABCCCD; Youll Cameron BBBBBBBBCCDE; Young David AABBBCCCCCDDF