Ghana teachers visit Monks’ Dyke Technology College

MONKS’ Dyke Technology College is hosting visitors from Ghana this week as part of the British Council’s International Inspiration project.

This is the first step in creating an Olympic legacy that lasts long after the London 2012 Games, and will see an ongoing partnership between Monks’ Dyke and Tamale Senior High School in Ghana.

Two members of staff from Tamale High School are spending the week at Monks’ Dyke, looking at how PE and sport are developed, and taking part in visits to other schools as well as a primary schools’ sport festival.

This follows a visit to Ghana by head of school Ros Webber-Jones and school sports co-ordinator Lawrence Baird earlier this month.

The programme for the week included a tour of London and will take in schools in Mablethorpe and Grimoldby, as well as visits to Louth market and to Lincoln.