LATEST: Louth GCSE results Monks’ Dyke Technology College

‘FANTASTIC’ is how Monks’ Dyke Technology College’s GCSE results were described this year.

Ros Webber-Jones, Head of School said: “We have a fantastic set of results. Three quarters of our students have achieved five A*-C grades, equalling last year’s record.”

She went on to compliment students and staff for all of their hard work: “It’s a real team effort and it’s great to celebrate students’ successes together.”

Executive Headteacher, Chris Rolph, said that there were some outstanding achievements: “The statistics speak for themselves, with 20 per cent of the students getting one or more A* grades, a quarter of students achieving10 or more C grades, and everyone passing at least one GCSE. But behind the stats are individual stories of success.”

Some of the most talented individuals include Anne Meiwald, with eight A* grades, and Mina Tokumine who achieved 15 high grades, including six A*s. Alex Olivant amassed over 700 GCSE points, and boys were also among the high achievers with Daniel Hughes, Umutsu Sahin and James Snowden also in the top 10.