Lincolnshire school place offers revealed on Monday

This year sees the biggest number of applications for primary school places since 2009.
This year sees the biggest number of applications for primary school places since 2009.

Parents who have applied online for reception or junior school places for their children can collect their offers from Monday.

Along with the rest of the country, Lincolnshire has experienced high numbers of families wanting their children to start school in September. There are over 7,800 children wanting a school place this year, the largest year group since 2009.

Lincolnshire County Council says it will post offer letters to parents or carers who made a telephone or paper form application on the same day.

The council advises parents to accept the place offered even if the school was not one of their preferences, as this makes sure that their child will have a school place for September.

Once offers have been collected, parents need to accept or decline the place.

Then they can apply for transport. There is the opportunity to appeal online for a school that has not been able to offer a place for a child.

Parents who have applied online, can go to the county council’s website to collect their offer via

School admissions manager Steve Gamble said: “To all those parents who have applied online, it’s important you follow the links on the website to collect your offer.

“If you’ve forgotten your password then it’s a simple case of resetting them. It is always our intention to support as many parents as possible with their preferences. There are many stories about how stressful the admissions process can be but every year the overwhelming majority of parents are successful in gaining admission to the school of their choice.”

The council advises parents to check in plenty of time that they know their username and password – if you’ve forgotten them use the link on the page to reset them.

The council says the vast majority of children will have been given a place at their school of choice through the admissions system this year, despite an increase in the number of requests for the more popular schools.