Louth school to commemorate First World War centenary

Peter Kubicki EMN-140516-103544001
Peter Kubicki EMN-140516-103544001

A secondary school in Louth is planning a wide range of events to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Cordeaux Academy will host a variety of special lessons and events from July 7 to July 11. These include commemoration services led by Louth Parish leader, Reverend Nick Brown, who has been heavily involved in the Academy’s commemorative plans.

School trips during the week include the Lincolnshire Life Museum, RAF Waddington and RAF Scampton, the Lincoln Aviation Heritage Centre, and Chatsworth House.

Within the school, students will be visited by members of the Army and the Royal Air Force, the British Legion, local Cadets, and veterans of the First World War who will share their experiences.

All other lessons throughout the week will be linked to the theme. For example, English students will study war poetry, mathematics students will study code breaking, and PE students will be put through their paces by visiting members of the Armed Forces.

Assistant Vice Principal Dave Gates said: “We are involving the community in our commemorative plans, and the idea is that students will get an impression of conflict throughout the ages.

“If anybody has any stories they wish to share with our students, or any wartime memorabilia they could lend us, then please call me on 01507 606555 or email dgates@cordeauxacademy.org”

Principal Peter Kubicki added: “We hope our students will recognise the debt of gratitude that we owe to those who fought in the wars, and take something away from these important lessons of history.”