Melanie’s Restaurant helps Birkbeck School students

EXTRA inspiration for students at the Birkbeck School in North Somercotes in preparation for their GCSE catering exam was found at Melanie’s Restaurant in Louth.

Chef/proprietor Steven Legg went out of his way to give away tips of the trade to the group of students who selected three courses from a festive lunch menu.

Students had a taste of restaurant dining and were able to see for themselves syllabus topics such as presentation and portion control in action.

“We learnt so much,” said student Amelia Parker.

“Every dessert, for example, came with a tuille biscuit shaped into a spoon. I can’t wait to go home and have a go at making one of those.”

Student Victoria Heywood said: “We have had the opportunity to sample things that we wouldn’t normally have tried. I’d never tasted pheasant before and was pleasantly surprised.”

Headteacher Lynda Dobson, said: “We are indebted to Melanie’s for opening especially for us, and giving our students first-rate service and very good value for money.

“Students have really gained from the experience and can now put the theory from catering lessons into context.”