Skipping to it at Scambelsby

Skippers at Scamblesby School
Skippers at Scamblesby School

If skipping ever becomes an Olympic sport then Great Britain could have some contenders for gold medals from Scamblesby Primary School.

In fact, you could say the village primary school has gone skipping mad.

Last year, all children were given the use of their very own skipping rope during the holidays.

When they returned to school, they practised skipping as part of PE lessons - and at playtimes.

They then held a skipping challenge (Skipathon) involving the various classes.

All pupils took part and showed an impressive range of skills.

The individual class champions were:

class 1.- Amy (year 1); class 2 - Robyn (year 3), class 3 - Lucy (Year 6).

As part of the on-going campaign, a special skipping workshop will take place at the school in March.

An expert will be on hand to teach pupils new skipping styles and skipping games.

And, it seems it’s not just pupils who have caught the skipping bug.

According to sources, staff and parents have also joined in.

Headteacher Julie Strawson said she was delighted with the success of the skipping project.

She added: “It’s an excellent way for the children to stay fit and active, They have taken to skipping and really enjoy it.”