Teacher Ellie’s book for pupils

ENGLISH teacher Elli Housden, of Grainthorpe, has published an English textbook for GCSE students.

The book Getting into Genres was created after Elli taught in an academy in North East Lindsey for a year.

An experienced English teacher from Australia, she has returned to the UK with her English husband.

Impressed by the dedication and professionalism of her colleagues, Elli decided to write a text book that she hoped would lessen the work load of her colleagues.

She said: “Getting into Genres covers all the writing styles that are a part of the GCSE.

“The book is designed as a teachers’ handbook. It comprises a series of lesson plans with content that will not only appeal to students but also provide them with the skills required to do well in their exams and controlled assessment.”

Published by a local Yorkshire educational press, Getting into Genres is both a paperback and an e-book.

It is not Elli’s first venture into textbooks. She has already published a series of English text books in Australia.

Getting into Genres is the first in a series of books, to be followed by Getting into Stories, to be released in 2012.