Video: Mystery racing driver agrees to race Cordeaux’s 2013 Red Bull Soap Box entry

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A mystery British Touring Car driver will take to the wheel of Cordeaux Academy’s entry into this year’s Red Bull soap box gravity race in London.

The Louth academy’s motor vehicle department have submitted an entry to this year’s prestigious race on July 14 and are hoping to improve their performance based on their entry to last year’s Belchford gravity race near Horncastle.

“It all started with a challenge from a number of our learners and gone on from there.” said Paul Ryan, Head of Motor Vehicle at Cordeaux.

“The design is based on a part of a car engine with lots of moving parts and a surprise or two along the way.

“Utilising the power of Twitter, a driver who currently competes in the British Touring Cars (BTCC) has offered to race our car for us.

“In Top Gear style the name is staying secret until nearer the race!”

Could it be former BTCC champion Jason Plato? All will be revealed soon.

The video has been made by Cordeaux in the build up to the race, and is well worth a watch.