Elite Academy of Dance meet Diversity

Dancers meet Diversity
Dancers meet Diversity

Elite Academy of Dance from Louth was invited to take part in a Street Masterclass with Jordan Banjo and Perri from Diversity in Ripley, where they teamed up with another dance school from that area.

Students were in three separate groups working on different routines suitable to their ability, seniors worked on a challenging routine from one of Diversity’s performances.

At the end of the class students performed their work to all the parents and got the opportunity to ask questions and have photos signed.

Lisa Meanwell Principle of Elite said: “We were extremely privileged to be a part of this as not only was it an amazing opportunity for all my students, but this was the first time they had given a masterclass and was fantastic to be a part of it all.

“Giving my students these amazing opportunities will benefit their skills, knowledge and confidence and it’s lovely seeing them all enjoying themselves.”

Elite is based at the Meridian Leisure Centre. For more information on lessons visit www.elite-academy.co.uk