Elsie May Leeman

A SERVICE for Elsie May Leeman, aged 96, took place at St Mary’s Church Fotherby, followed by committal at Grimsby Crematorium.

It was conducted jointly by the Rev Sue Allison and the Rev Sue Bradley.

Arrangements were by Kettle Ltd of Grimsby and Louth.

Family mourners: Miss Jennifer Leeman, daughter; Mr and Mrs D Lewis, cousin; Mr and Mrs J Harrison, cousin; Mrs A May; Mrs J Appleby; Mrs E Tonge; Mr G Tippett; Mr and Mrs K Emery; Miss H Emery; Mr and Mrs R Barker; Mr and Mrs R Chester (also rep the Bemrose Girls and Mr and Mrs E Roberts); Miss S Maskell (also rep Mr and Mrs J Winder, Miss J Winder and Miss E Winder).

Others attending: Roland and Mary Chapman; Mr and Mrs E Brentnall; Anthony Pridgeon (also rep Shirley Pridgeon); Mesdames and Misses: Sylvia Greenfield (president, Fotherby WI), Rachael Meese, Ann Crossley, Rita Cumbridge (WI), Joyce Greenfield (WI), June Laughton, Eileen Gayne, Carol Bailey, Margaret Brader, Mary Westwood, Judy Gilliatt (WI), Sandra Giles, Christine Chapman, Wendy Berry, Peggy Brooker, Elsie Moncaster, Barbara Lowes, Helen Stubbs, Sheila Fiddling (WI), Olive Batchelor, Caroline Shand, Jill Walker, Margaret Anderson, Audrey Skeath (also rep Utterby WI), Brenda Lidgard (also rep Rowland Lidgard), Jackie Newborough (also rep Angela Warne), Chris Waltham (also rep Mr and Mrs Stuart Sharpe), Kay Marshall (also rep Steve Marshall and Bridget Woods), Jackie Cheetham (Federation chairman Lincolnshire North Federation WI), Jennifer Hippisley (née Allison, also rep Alan Allison and Sandra Cass, née Hunt).