Emergency Blood Bikes Service Skegness to Lands End motrobike ride

THE Emergency Blood Bikes Service is taking on acnahllegne to ride from Skegness to Lands Edn and back in 24 hours.

The service is run by volunteers who plan to transport blood, blood products, samples, donor breast milk and any other urgently required medical items to hospitals during silent hours (nights, evenings, weekends and bank holidays) using a fleet of motorcycles.

The service would be provided completely free of charge, allowing the NHS to divert funds where they are needed most.
After many hours of attending fundraising events the group had been wondering how to attract funds to buy their first operational motorcycle.

The events team has put together the formidable challenge of riding from Skegness all the way to Lands End and back in just 24 hours, leaving on September 1 and returning the next day.

Details: Contact Steve at events@lebbs.org