Employability skills at Cordeaux School

YEAR 10 students at Cordeaux School recently took part in an employability skills workshop.

The workshop was put on by Major Lance Thornton, Army Careers advisor for Lincolnshire giving 23 year 10 pupils a taster of the skills needed for future employment.

A variety of exercises and presentations were put on for the students which have been designed to explore all the abilities they may need when they go out to seek employment.

These can be best described as ‘skills for life and work’.

Students were split up and put into teams to engage in problem solving scenarios and had to present the most appropriate solutions.

They learnt what skills they have already and the best ways in which to develop them further by putting them into action based on varied information.

One of the situations they discussed was about an earthquake occurring on an island and the outcome and skills needed to handle such a serious situation.

This led on to the students learning all about humanitarian aid and the difference organisations can make during times of need.

This was just one of the many different workshops and presentations that the school arrange for the pupils exploring new ways of learning that take place outside the normal classroom environment.