Enid Rawlings

THE funeral service for Enid Rawlings took place on April 6 at St James’ Parish Church, where she had been a member of the congregation for many years.

The service was conducted by Canon Stephen Holdaway.

Enid was born in Sheffield in 1921 and lived and worked there until her early 20s. When war broke out she went along to Sheffield Town Hall recruitment centre and was posted to work for ENSA in the cinema at RAF Manby.

It was there that she met the projectionist, Bert Rawlings. They were duly married in 1948 and set up home and raised a family in Louth.

Over the years Enid had a number of part-time jobs at various places in the town, including the Palace and Playhouse cinemas, Clarks of Retford, Godsmarks and Smith’s Shoe Shop. On retirement, she did voluntary work at the St Barnabas’ Hospice shop.

Despite her failing health over the last few years, Enid had a long, happy and active life.

She was a sociable and well-known figure in the town and belonged to many clubs and organisations – including the Adult School, which held its meetings at the old Red Cross HQ in Upgate, and both Keddington and Louth Park and Eastfield WIs, clocking up a membership spanning 50 years.

She had been an active member of St James’ Church and belonged to the Young Wives, the Mothers’ Union and S James’ Guild. For many years she was part of the church social group which performed many popular Old Time Musical evenings at the Wilde Memorial Hall in Northgate.

She loved going to the Riverhead Theatre and was a loyal supporter of Playgoers’ activities.

In 1976 she joined Louth Ladies Bowling Club and the sport became her passion. She captained the club twice and was later active in raising funds for the construction of the indoor club where she was to spend many happy times well into a long and active retirement.

Family mourners: Janet and Alistair West (daughter and son-in-law), Christine and Brooke Vickers (daughter and son-in-law), Catherine West and Mark Duell (granddaughter and partner), Helen and Mark Johnson (granddaughter and husband), Lucy Vickers (granddaughter), Adam Johnson (great-grandson), Sylvia Clarke (niece), Hilary Cornock (niece), Margaret and Eddie Goodstadt (niece and husband), Stephen and Philip Histon (nephews), Graham Marsh (nephew), Lynda and Rob Phillis (niece and husband), John and Linda Robbins (nephew and wife), Tony, Simon and Christopher Robbins (nephews), Celia and Stuart Wells (niece and husband).

Other mourners: Julia Adams, Mrs J.Arnold, Min Atkin, Connor Bannister, James and Louise Bee, Pam Bouchier, Sheila Brumpton, Pat Burley, Gwenda Burgin, Dianne Church, Sybil Church, Pam Clapp (also rep Charles Street Bowls Club), Brian and Chris Cliffe (also rep Brian and Elizabeth Gutherson), Rita Cumbridge, Jeanne Drakes (also rep Miss A. North), Sheila Fiddling, Di Flower, Mary Fox, Peter Fox, Audrey Gardner (also rep the Gardner family and Keddington and Louth Park WI), Christine Hagan, Sue Hamilton (also rep King Edward VI Grammar School), Beryl Johnson, Judith Kitching, John and Maureen Lill (also rep Louth Playgoers’ Society), Nancy Loft, Peter and Margery Maddison, Ann and Malcolm McLean (also rep Louth Indoor Bowls Club), Kathryn Morris, Janet Norman (also rep Eastfield WI, Anne Byrne, Sheila Hopewell and Peter Franklin), Margaret Ottaway, Stuart Ottaway (also rep Lynda Ottaway), Sue Parker (also rep King Edward VI Grammar School), Mr and Mrs Parkin (also rep Charles Street Bowls Club), Pat Parrish, Jean Patchett, Margaret and Richard Rastall, David Roper (also rep Louth Indoor Bowls Club), Yvonne Roper, Harry Speck, Lorraine and Malcolm Spendlow (also rep Leah Spendlow), Margery Spendlow (Madeira House), Stuart Spendlow and Laura Taylor, Joyce and Sid Terret, Julia and Graham Thomson, Kim Thompson, Sylvia Todd, Mrs Joyce Utley, Eve Vickers, Chris Waltham, Angela Warne (also rep Lincolnshire North WI), Wendy and Paul Warne (also rep Neil Warne), Pam Waumsley, Rita Way, Shirley Wood and David Shafer (also rep Malvina Willis and Val Eden).