ASC Renewables offers electricity bill discounts if their Tetney windfarm is built

A renewable energy company which wants to build a windfarm at Tetney could give people living near the development a discount of at least £100 per year on their electricity bills.

ASC Renewables wants to build the Newton Marsh Extension Windfarm at Bishopthorpe Farm.

Under the company’s Green Energy Credit Scheme in the region of 500 homes neighbouring the windfarm site in Tetney, Tetney Lock and Humberston would benefit from a discount of at least £100 per year.

The scheme would run for the windfarm’s expected 25 year lifetime and would require no change of electricity supplier.

The company called it a ‘ground breaking new initiative.’

Mike Denny, ASC’s Operations Director, said: “After listening to the community during our on-going local consultations, a clear message emerged that there is a real appetite for reduced electricity bills against the backdrop of rising energy costs.

“We are launching the Green Energy Credit Scheme to directly address this point for homes neighbouring our windfarms. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the first companies in the UK to offer this”.

A company statement said: “The Green Energy Credit Scheme is in addition to ASC’s Community Benefit Fund of £50,000 per year, and will mean that UK based ASC is doubling its community contributions to £100,000 per year – one of the highest in the UK for a windfarm of this size.

“When taken in conjunction with an anticipated annual payment of £250,000 in local business rates and a projected £6-8m of supply chain opportunities for local companies during construction, the windfarm could provide up to £17m in local economic benefit during its lifetime.

“Over the coming months, ASC will be working with the community, the council and the Lincolnshire Community Foundation to identify local projects that can be supported by the Community Benefit Fund.

“ASC is committed to working in partnership with local people and exploring new ways in which our windfarms can bring tangible benefits to the communities hosting them. We recognise the challenges facing our communities in the current economic downturn and hope to make a real difference by helping residents reduce their energy spend and by funding local projects”.

Homeowners who qualify for the Green Energy Credit Scheme will receive further information from ASC on how to apply later in the year.

In September ASC Renewables submitted a planning application for an eight turbine windfarm at Bishopthorpe and a planning decision is expected from East Lindsey District Council in the coming months. The windfarm development would sit alongside two turbines currently in construction at the nearby waste water treatment works.