Beach clean-up at Sandilands

Help clean-up your coastline.
Help clean-up your coastline.

TAKE part in a ‘big spring clean’ of Sandilands beach this Saturday, March 24.

It is being organised by SAS Big Spring Beach Clean, who have been removing marine litter from the UK’s beaches for many years with the help of community volunteers.

A spokesperson said: “Spring time sadly reveals the true severity of the marine litter issue. After a long winter of storms, before local council beach cleaning operations begin for the summer season, the accumulation of litter can often seem at its worst.

“The amount of marine litter found on UK beaches has almost doubled in the last fifteen years, with with a shocking 1,969 litter items found on every kilometre of coastline. Typical examples of marine litter include rubbish from beach users, sewage-related debris, waste from commercial shipping, nets and fish boxes from fishing vessels and medical waste.”

Volunteers are encouraged to get involved in the clean-up which lasts from 11am until 1pm this Saturday.

For more information please contact Chris McClean on 07534719007 or email