Consultation on Hubbard’s Hills

LOUTH and district residents are being asked to join in a most important consultation exercise following the publication of the long awaited Hubbard’s Hills Draft Management Plan.

The plan paves the way for the regeneration of Louth’s foremost beauty spot, Hubbard’s Hills.

The Plan has been drawn up by tree specialist Mark Hudson, who has many years experience of working at Hubbards’ Hills, and local Chalk Rivers Officer Ruth Snelson, thanks to a very generous grant from the Wolds Countryside Services’s Sustainable Development Fund.

The Environment Agency and other important countryside organisations have also been involved in developing the proposals.

The Trust is keen to divide the work into short, medium and long term projects which could see replanting of trees and improvements to the river and the lake. It is hoped that despite the economic situation grant funding will be forthcoming to finance these works rather than the burden falling on the ratepayers of Louth.

The Plan is designed to be sensitive to the site whilst respecting the original aim of the gift of the Hills to the town of preserving the natural beauty of site.

“When we took over the Hills after years of them being maintained by East Lindsey District Council we knew we would have to look at how we could make them fit for the challenges of the 21st century and global warming,” Trust Chairman Andrew Leonard commented.

“The Hills are changing all the time and we know that doing nothing is not an option if we want our children’s children to enjoy them. More people than ever come here from all over Lincolnshire and beyond, so it is a delicate act trying to balance keeping the natural beauty whilst being open to thousands of visitors a year.

“Mark and Ruth have produced some exciting plans and we have included proposals put forward at the conference we held at the Town Hall last year too. We hope the public will support what we are trying to achieve and we look forward to receiving everyone’s comments. The hard work in applying for funding will then begin in earnest.”

The proposals are available in their entirety on the internet on or paper copies are available for viewing at the Sessions House in Eastgate, Louth Area Office at the Town Hall, Louth Museum and at Perkins Pantry on Mercer Row. There are also feedback forms available to the public both on the internet and as paper copies.

The public consultation runs through until the end of September.