East Lindsey District Council unveils solar energy plans


SOLAR panels could be the future for Louth as East Lindsey District Council begins plans which could see it produce its own source of energy.

Subject to planning permission and full council approval, the council’s executive board has agreed to install arrays of photovoltaic panels on the roofs at the Meridian Leisure Centre and London Road sports ground in Louth, as well as other sites in Skegness and Horncastle.

These plans could then potentially result in left-over energy being filtered into the National Grid for homes and businesses.

In addition to providing free electricity to the buildings during the daylight hours, the council will earn a generation tariff on each kilowatt hour produced, plus an export tariff for any excess electricity exported back to the grid.

The project will initially cost £498,000 with a payback period of nine-and-a-half years. Over a 25-year period the project will deliver £1,518,864, a 307 per cent return on their investment.

Leader of the council, Coun Doreen Stephenson said: “This invest to save measure will enable us to reduce our revenue expenditure on energy each year and make more than three times the initial investment over the project’s lifetime. It will also make a significant contribution to our ongoing efforts to reduce the impact our services have on the environment.”

Subject to full council approval in November and planning permission being granted, it is hoped that energy can be first produced in March 2012.

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