Gatherums gets a tidy up

The Louth Community Food Garden volunteers have been busy in the Gatherums.

The group tided up the herb bed which many residents enjoy as they sit on the park benches in the green space off Kidgate. The volunteers are helping with a number of community growing spaces in Louth, encouraging residents to get involved in growing their own food whilst enjoying the companionship of others.

If you wouldd like to help then please get in touch with James Pocklington on 07939 205346.

James, the group co-ordinator, said: “This project is as much about bringing people together as it is about growing food. Just a small amount of time volunteered can be immensely satisfying as it reconnects participants with the care of their surroundings and the source of their food.”

Louth Community Food Gardens are a sub group of Transition Town Louth and are actively supporting Louth’s entry for the East Midlands in Bloom competition 2013.