John Shuttleworth raises £2,800 for Froglife charity

Famous Louth comic character John Shuttleworth has raised £2,800 to help frogs and other amphibians.

The money was raised from ticket receipts and a raffle on the night of a John Shuttleworth show held last month at the Riverhead Theatre, as part of the national tour, Out Of Our Sheds.

John (alias Graham Fellows) was happy to support the charity which maintains and improves habitats for frogs and other amphibians in the East Midlands and nationwide.

He told the Leader: “The idea to do the gig in aid of Froglife came after a bikeride to Raithby last Spring with my 10-year-old son, George. We were looking for but couldn’t see any frogspawn in the pond by the church there. It then dawned on me that George had never actually seen a frog in the wild, let alone any frogspawn.

“We ended up looking on Youtube so he could see what a tadpole looked like! What a contrast to my days as a boy when we would go to the local park and come back with jamjars full of frogspawn and watch them hatch into tadpoles.

“Today’s kids are definitely missing out, so we need to do something for the frogs, toads and newts before it’s too late.

“Froglife have told me that 45 per cent amphibians are under threat of extinction because of pesticides and loss of habitat, not to mention skin diseases caused by ozone depletion. So Froglife is a very worthy cause, I think you’ll agree. I’d like to offer a big thankyou to Louth Playgoers and the Riverhead Theatre, and all the people who came that night to support the charity.”

Since 1989 Froglife has been at the heart of efforts to conserve native amphibians and reptiles.

Throughout this time they have initiated a number of national and regional projects, and remained a central voice for public advice on issues surrounding reptile and amphibian conservation.

Froglife’s work falls into three strands - on the ground conservation, environmental education and communication.

For more information on the charity go to

John Shuttleworth gigs coming up include March 28 at Glasgow Citizens Theatre, March 29 at Stirling Macrobert Arts Centre, April 25 at Scarborough Spa Theatre and April 26 at Tunbridge Wells Trinity.