Lincolnshire gritting depots to be blessed

THE Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Rev Christopher Lowson, will lead winter road safety prayers for the first time at this year’s blessing ceremony at the Sturton by Stow gritting depot on Wednesday November 16.

Blessing events will take place across all the county’s eight gritting depots, including the one at Manby.

The Bishop of Lincoln said: “Lincolnshire’s thousands of miles of roads are relied on for people’s work, for medical appointments, for visiting family, for shopping, and for businesses which provide employment for many thousands of people.

“We all have a duty to use the roads sensibly and carefully to ensure the safety of ourselves and others, and we are enormously grateful for the hard work of those who salt the roads in all hours and in all weathers.

“This is an opportunity to pray for them in their work, and to remember the responsibility we all have to drive responsibly.”

Church leaders across the county will read prayers and meet staff at sites in North Willingham, Horncastle, Ancaster, Manby, Boston, Pode Hole and Thurlby.

The annual ritual takes place as Lincolnshire County Council continues with its winter maintenance programme and, together with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, advises motorists to drive to the weather conditions and not assume that even treated roads can be completely safe.

Coun William Webb, Executive Member for Highways and Transport, said: “Each year our crew of dedicated drivers is on standby, ready to go out in some of the worst weather conditions imaginable, determined to make a difference on the roads and keep Lincolnshire moving. The annual blessings for their safety serve as a poignant reminder to us all that we should not take safety on the roads for granted.

“Although we salt around a third of our roads as a priority, motorists should always drive to the conditions and remember that there will be occasions when salt may not be effective – it can help, but it is not a cure.”