New wind turbine launched by ICE Renewables

CLA member, ICE Renewables, is set to launch a new Vergnet wind turbine at Ucleby Grange Farm at Alford today (November 16).

They say the medium-scale turbine is designed to quell the opposition to large-scale wind projects by meeting the demands of individual farms, rather than being used as a major power exporter.

The lighter two-blade design has much less of an impact in height and width than the commercial 1.5 megawatt turbines commonly proposed for large wind farms, so noise and unsightliness is kept to a minimum.

CLA renewables expert Oliver Harwood said: “The CLA has already lobbied the government to support smaller scale renewable projects but medium-scale wind farms are also part of the solution to driving down on-farm greenhouse gas emissions.

“The recent cuts to solar payments in the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) means many investors are unsure if the current rate for wind subsidies will still stand on completion of a project. The CLA is lobbying the Government to introduce a pre-registration scheme for the FIT which recognises project start and end dates to ensure investors do not lose out.”